Claims retired. Delta Force, SOG 8256,  in Vietnam. Shot down in helicopter, held 9.5 months by VC. Two Purple Hearts. Claims served 62-82. Claims #83 of 100 in 2nd Special Forces Class, SF instructor until 1965. Claims ELEVEN captured and ELEVEN escaped. Claims ret as Sgt Major and is a U.S. Marshall.  Extracted from: http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies1003.htm

Entry deleted
BIPES, RICHARD   1998  Claims POW, jumpmaster, SOG 177th Div   Extracted from: http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies1003.htm
BRANHAM, JAMES C.    Cleveland, OH  05/2005   Claims: POW/Vietnam/green berets/special forces. Vietnam 1959/1962...

Extracted from: http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies1003.htm

"If you are so smart, you must know that there were forces there not recognized because of covert actions. not all things were reported to the public. Areas you cannot crack."

"What about all the records that were lost in the great fire. A-D listings were destroyed."

"If you saw what he looked like when he came home, you would would not question it at all. documented 350 saves as a combat medic. paper work from weisbaden, germany for training. pictures with pres. johnson-silver starx2. 4 purple hearts. all of vietnam medals..."

"he's not on your sites. know  you have the wrong guy. would love to have a legal battle with you. maybe you will stop maligning the real heros."

he's not on your sites. know  you have the wrong guy. would love to have a legal battle with you. maybe you will stop maligning the real heros."


There were no recorded SF elements in RVN between 1957 (when Harry Cramer was killed) and 1960.
Steve Sherman sends

Website http//www.greenberet.net/books/
or Mirror Website http//www.SpecialForcesBooks.com
Website http//www.ButtonDePress.com/BostonManifesto/
Website http//www.ButtonDePress.com
Website http//www.Viet-Myths.net
"The time has come to set the record straight" -- Swiftvets.com =========
With full name, date of birth, and social, NO MILITARY RECORDS could be located

BRAVEO, JAMES MANUEL  Pensacola ID   "SonTay Raider, left behind"  records indicate charged with AWOL, Theft, concealed knife, Nov 6, 71 through 23 Aug 72  Extracted from: http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies1003.htm
BROWN DONALD THOMAS SR.  06/01   Claims Special Forces, Delta Force, POW Jan-Nov 68  Extracted from: http://www.pownetwork.org/phonies/phonies1003.htm

Russel (or Russell) Edwin Burrows (You be the Judge!)

New Jun 08, 06: Here's the information released by the NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION (Click on the thumbnail): US Air force; served from Aug 5, 52 thru Mar 23, 54 (20 Months); Rank/Grade: Airman 3rd Class; Military Education: A&E Mechanic; Decorations/Awards: National Defense Service Medal (That's all folks!)

This guy is so screwed up, there's more errors in his overall claims beyond the phony orders he dreamed up. His "Setting a Trap" is just plain stupid and an attempt to try and wiggle out of getting caught!--RLNoe

Author Comment
Russ Burrows
Registered User
Posts: 1105
(12/9/05 6:46 pm)
setting a trap

This past weekend I prepared phony military orders which had glaring mistakes. I sent that paper to a person in hopes that he would pass it on and it would wind up in the hands of another person and that he would use it as was hoped. It did and he did. Legal preparations are being made now to bring this person to court. Legal action will be taken here in Colorado so that the intended person will have to travel here and hire and attorney here. The time has come to shut this individual down and that is mine and my attorneys plan.

Also, from this point forward, I will no longer post any personal information about myself. If any of you have a question other than WHEN ask it. As for the when, you all know as much as I do.

Russ B

--Claims to be a SOG veteran and even produced a set of orders assigning to him to 5TH Special Forces, 5th SOG (a non-existing unit) one year before SOG was ever created; however, he's is not listed in Who's Who from MACVSOG, no one in SOG knows him. His credentials appear fraudulent on their face. See all the discussions regarding this candidate below. HE IS EXPOSED HERE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE! See SOG DISCUSSON ON BURROW'S CLAIM TO BE A SOG VETERAN

He sent out the above photo, the photo is a reversed image, what Col would ever make this error? He does not wear Paratrooper wings, thus it is highly suspect  he was not Special Forces Qualified


Background of Russel Burrows of Olney, Ill.
1935   Born 1935, Richwood, West Virginia.  Parents were Earl. V. Burrows (Deceased) Amanda J. Burrows
1952   Graduated from High School 1952 Enlisted in U.S. Army 1952 Sent to Korea 1952
1953   Commissioned (Battlefield Commission) or cannon fodder.  Wounded twicw, Decorated five times, 1 Bronze Star, 2 Silver stars, 1 Legion of Merit, 2 Purple Hearts US Disability.  Repatriated to Continental U.S.  Promoted to 1st Leutenant.  Took and passed U.S. Army OfficersQualification, retained Commission.  Went inactive to attend college 2 years at West Virginia University majoring in archaeology.
1955   Reactivated, sent tp Advanced Ranger training in guerilla warfare.  Posted in Leopold in South Africa to help put down Mau-Mau uprising.
1960   Applied for and accepted for Special Forces Training,
1961   Posted in Siagon.
1963   Returned to the United States.Resigned Commission -0-6-Col.

(The above order he sent out  have him assigned to 5th S.O.G.[A non-existing unit] well before SOG was established on 16 January 1964 with  numerous  errors)

Acknowledgement: We have no knowledge of any claims to mines or gold that this guy claims to have found, we are addressing only his claims to have been a SOG veteran, but once a proven liar always a liar-His creditability isn't worth a damn and any claim(s) he makes should be taken as such, regardless of what it is!--RLNoe

I'm told he is smart and conniving, but he is as stupid as a cold rock that's been pissed on when those who are in the know about his alleged claims of being a SOG veteran is concerned--RLNoe

He claimed to have found a cave filled with treasure in 1982 and has used this claim and his claim to have been in the military/CIA, sell artifacts from a cave and holds seminars across the country. Numerous investment corporations have been formed since 1982 (Illinois and Florida) to help "excavate" the cave southwest of Helm in Marion County, Illinois and hundreds of thousands of dollars have been 'excavated' from the gullible and the greedy, yet, the cave's location (and excavation) remains a secret.

Russell would have you believe that he removed several thousand rock artifacts from the cave, yet he left the gold, statues, diamonds, scrolls, skeletons and crypts untouched.
Does the cave even exist and has the parties involved perpetuated an ongoing fraud and scam for the last 23 years without any type of investigation by law enforcement; local, state or federal.
His name and current address:
Russell Edwin Burrows
117 Chestnut Street
Windsor, CO. 80550
telephone 970 686-0785

Formerly of Olney, IL. In the event you call him, his phone only accepts calls that can be Caller ID'ed.

For more on this character and his Cave claims, see the many websites, especially this one: http://www.flavinscorner.com/falling.htm, http://www.prairieghosts.com/burrows.html & http://www.criticalenquiry.org/burrowscave/

In a post to a forum at: http://p073.ezboard.com/fancientlosttreasuresfrm23.showMessage?topicID=208.topic  he refers to Ft Bragg  stating: "ps...I wonder how it is that they knew my name, first and last down at Bragg"

The above link is a web archive of a former website maintained by two other cave associates of his, Brian Boyd Hubbard aka Harry Hubbard and Paul A. Kelly aka Paul Schaffranke. They took the page down. Unknown to them their pages were archived by a second party before they took them down.

 Individuals who have submitted comments regarding Burrows are receiving the following email from a "Whyte Eagle" who turns out to be a "Shawn Davis" and has several websites that Burrows turns up on. Mr. Davis is in the "Ancient Lost Treasure" business.

From: whyteeagle@carre-shinob.com

Let me begin with my apologies for this unsolicited email, but I am looking into a matter you may have some experience with. I'm researching the history of Russell Burrows and the claims he has made of his service in certain branches of the military. I came across a statement  with your name on it at http://www.macvsog.cc/sog_hall_of_shame-phonies.htm  and have included it below for your reference. Again I apologize for this email, but I was wondering if you could take a minute and help me out … 

First I'd like to know if the statement below is in fact one you made or emailed? 

Secondly is there anything else you might be willing to share which would help me out in my research on this topic? 

Thank you so much for your help in this matter, 


 Whyte Eagle

I sent an email to Mr. Davis and received the following in reply:


Robert … I work with the Ancient Historical Research Foundation (AHRF) http://www.AncientHistoricalResearchFoundation.com which is a group who researches ancient history and related items of interest. I came to learn of what is known as “Burrows Cave” as a result of our research into Ancient Civilizations, as you may know Russell Burrows is generally accredited with first discovering the cave, hence the name “Burrows Cave”. I also moderate a forum where topics like this are discussed (http://www.AncientLostTreasures.com) … The fact that the cave was discovered 20+ years ago with no substantial evidence ever coming forth has sparked a lot of discussion on the topic. Russell Burrows has participated in some of these discussions, and has posted on the forum. Recently, someone brought up the military service of Russell Burrows and this has been tossed around on the forum as well which eventually lead me to finding the SOG website. The information which is displayed there is helpful in understanding this back ground somewhat, but I didn’t know how authentic the emails were that are listed as part of the SOG website. So my first interest was to verify that the emails were legitimate, then second to ask for any other information which would help me understand the background history better. The bottom line for me is the cave itself, the research into whether or not it truly exists, if it does exist then it will have some significant impact on portions of the early American History, and if not, well … then I guess it’s just a good story … Like I mentioned earlier that as of right now we have no significant evidence that it is real, and focus in the on going investigation is centering on the Discoverer Russ Burrows … Hope that helps in understanding the reason for my inquiry …. I sincerely appreciate the help I have received so far in this matter from you and others listed there on the SOG site … Please feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have …



Click -->  More on Whyte Eagele/Burrows websites


He is not listed as having ever served with SOG, not listed in the Who's Who form MACVSOG and no one in Special Forces has ever heard of this guy. During the 1963 time frame, there were only two Colonels in Special Forces, he certainly wasn't either of them and SOG had not been created at this time. There was no General in Special Forces Warfare Center so how did he get a General to sign his orders?  Had he ever been in Special Forces or SOG with his claimed rank, he would have been well known among our community. Cpt Robert L. Noe, USA, SOA/SFA/NOBC

Steve Sherman, 5th Speical Forces and SOG Historian says:  "Call Dan Rather and Mary Mapes. Give them the scoop."


From: lazarustwo@gtcom.net

This one does not look anything like the one I KNEW!  Would have replied sooner, however, sometime during my uncontrollable laughing I pissed my pants and fainted...just came to !  Holy Balls ! ! What next ?
The one (phony) I worked with (briefly) was constantly bragging about his exploits in S.E.A. .  One day he had to take some time off to go to the V.A. for a check-up.  Stated he had a steel plate in his head as a result of some type of action in Cambodia.  I questioned him about it and his statement was like so many others "can't really talk about it"  I was a Navy seal and the mission was Top Secret (sound Familiar) ?  He went on to say that he was a LCDR in the Navy - the shit just kept getting deeper!  I let it go on and figured he would make a mistake - HE DID !  He said the wrong thing about my wife one day and bingo.  I said to myself either I punch this bastard or bring him down in front of everyone.....I tried the latter.  I found out what I wanted to know but it did not seem to have much of an effect on the hordes that already had this High-Priest image of the prick.  He climbed a steep ladder on the bones of many and lied all the way...I managed to get my hands on the information normally contained on DD214's.  Imagine this - for a brief second, just by the looks of this guy I thought he could be real...he looked 10 years older than me - he was 10 years younger.  Had NEVER been to Vietnam or any other country (except in his mind).  When I asked him about the LCDR part he said he was given a Direct Commission - holy shit, all the way to LCDR (Major)!.  this didn't sound right given his age.  He then stated he was considered Genius and graduated from Penn State when he was 16..  No Genius, just a CON-MAN.  Exposed - Maybe, but like I said - he was already entrenched in the minds of some of his followers and nothing was ever going to change that - even the fact that he never finished BOOT CAMP and his total time in service was less than 10 months.  He's not one of our wannabes, but in this instance let's at least make him an honorary asshole! 

From: pbryant2@cfl.rr.com

The orders for this guy was never printed at Ft Bragg or anywhere else that was an official part of the Army, let along SF and Training.

CIA and SF were never issued any orders with joint mention, let alone TS without any distribution symbols etc., this guy is a phony and so are these so called orders.

TS orders or any document TS would have to have control numbers, stamped at both top and bottom TS plus a distribution schedule at the bottom of the text. Downgrading instructions would apply also. Hand carried by a courier. There are to many mistakes on these orders. Such as the date and subject. etc. If this guy is still around, those fake orders should land him some time in the ole jail house where he belongs.

Duh Bear

This from Burrows in response to Duh Bear's email:

From: Randy 01/11/06

    Here's a new twist, used to E&E being pegged as a Wannabee!!
    I just got this from Burrows.
    Note: If you are not familiar with "Illinois State Militia," it is a State organization, designed to take the place of the state's National Guard if the Guard is federalized.  Sort of a "Home Guard" kind of operation.   NOT Federally funded, no Federal mission, no Federal oversight, no Federal recognition.

From: "Russell Burrows" <burrows@greeleynet.com> 01/11/06

Mr. Bryant:

Since you are the first on the "phoney" web page, I will e-mail you.

No where and at no time have I ever claimed to have been a member of the Special Forces or S.O.G. I was not!

The "orders" which were sent for inspection were written by me with glaring mistakes were intended to help me determine rather or not a certain person could be trusted with important information concerning
Burrows Cave. When I JPGed that paper to him, I also telephoned him and told him that the paper was intended for him only. This was, as I said, to determine if I could trust him. I found that I could not. A public statement was posted the following day on a public forum to that effect.

The photograph of me wearing a uniform is some how reversed but, I have never seen that photograph before. It is not, I repeat, NOT a U.S.Army uniform. It is one of the uniforms worn by the re-activated Illinois State Militia.

Again, let me state: I was never a member of the Special Forces and have never claimed to be such nor will you find any place that I made such a claim.

If you and your associates are relying on the writtings of Rick Flavin, then you are relying on a person who is not considered to be a solid investigator and is considered to be a rabble rouser. You people really need to be certain of your charges before you make them.

I am just as American as anyone posting on your web page and I highly resent the implications made by some that I am not.

I trust that you will pass this e-mail on to your associates.

Russell EUGENE Burrows


In a message dated 11/26/2005 10:38:51 A.M. Central Standard Time, SOG1RLNOE writes:

Could you tell me if the military issued paper orders like these back in 63?

No, It Should read:

Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307

And orders would have been classified "FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY"

From: 1sgjeffcoat@cox.net

First point, if this guy was to begin any conversation about any of his "qualifications", I would go to the latrine and not return. Everything is backward. As if photo negative has been reversed.... or some one was looking at a photo while attaching devices etc Order of awards are all incorrect. As you stated, the name tag is not right Paper orders are like none I ever saw. Documents from a Generals Office would have no miss spelled words, abbreviations like on this Document i.e. Subject line.

Opinion..... LIAR AND WANNABE.........

Keep the faith,

Jerry Jeffcoat

From: cliffordgissell@bellsouth.net

The orders are obviously bogus. I doubt his story would hold up to serious investigation. The picture may be reversed, that would show the ribbons on the wrong side.


From: MoeElmore

Well as noted, the Mau Mau were in Kenya and no where near South Africa, and Leopold may exist in (Republic of South Africa) RSA but the one most well known was Leopoldville which I think was in the Congo when Belgium was the colonial master.

As for the orders, they are without a doubt phony as can be. Just look at the signature line and block. They just do not compute. That old boy may have been in the Army in Korea and Vietnam but he sure did not work where he claimed in those orders. Moe

From: kcountry@ttc-cmc.net

- I didn't know that SF had a CG that was a 2-star MG in '63  (Billy Waugh states we had no Generals at that time and only two Col's and this guy wasn't one of them).

And since when was War Fare - - as in Special Warfare, 2 words ?????

John Korsbeck SOA 326GL SFA 9366 kcountry@ttc-cmc.net

From: stgeorgegrpltd@hotmail.com

I normally feel that the phony chase is a waste of energy, but then again if civilians believe this shit, I bet he wasn't even in the service and is
or has been bamboozling the VA as well. What was he thinking of when he sent this forward? Hmmm shows that the cranially challenged are stupider than originally thought. This guy on the other hand could give the deranged and twisted a bad name. Lets see that would be bad because we are deranged and twisted; hmmmm jewish lightning, or non descript grey sedan with bull bars
and a foggy night?


From: rg2162@ev1.net

These "orders" are a complete fabrication by someone who has no idea what they are doing .... except lying.

A better understanding of this bullshit artiste is at: http://www.flavinscorner.com/falling.htm

 Check out that site. Perhaps our exposure of this asshole will put his "cave artifacts" into the rock crusher where they belong. Note that "Special Forces" is only mentioned in his fake bio at the URL above. However, it gives a great insight into a huckster and his NeoNazi friends. Suggest that any attempt to discredit this piece of dung be done in the name of SOA, NOT an individual. We should kick his ass as a group, to defend the name of all our comrades. However, a single individual does not need to put up with the kind of attacks this bunch of maggots like to dish out.

For a starter, see the following quote, from the URL above. " McGlone was concerned with why some believe and behave as they do. Burrows is a liar who craves attention. Like Collin, he has a uniform fetish (Burrows and Rydholm 1992, see pics on pp. 23 and 30, text on p.23). He also has a penchant for telling tall tales and once bragged “he was called in by the Air Force to interrogate UFO witnesses (Heck 2001).” His involvement in financial scams is well documented. A pathological liar? A master con-artist? In 1995, Burrows tried his hand at writing again and produced pieces suggesting Carthaginian pirates were responsible for Burrows Cave (Burrows 1995a), and a non-fantastic overview of the so-called “Black Hawk War (Burrows 1995c).” To suggest that Burrows likes to keep busy would be the grossest of understatements."

A Google search on: "Russell Burrows" will give you more information on this idiot.

As far as the email you forwarded, it is full of nonsense.
Look at the orders. They are written in Plain Language, something the U.S. Army was totally incapable of in 1963.
They would have included "EDCSA" or "Effective Date of Change of Strength Accountability" ... the date one unit would lose him and the other unit would  "gain" him.

Also note that he went from Battlefield Commission in 1953, to the rank of COL O-6 in 1963. I forget the exact Time In Grade requirements for back then, but it was something like:
2LT to 1LT - 2yrs
1LT to CPT 4 yrs
CPT to MAJ 4 yrs
MAJ to LTC 7 yrs??

Of course, his language is not that which was used back then: "Repatriated to Continental U.S."

The heading on the orders are bullshit. Steve Sherman should be able to come up with the correct heading for Ft. Bragg, about the time these "orders" were supposedly cut. Note that they are also missing the Office Symbol ... a coded heading, that should be at the top left of the orders, just above the From/To information. Note also that the From portion of the orders would not have "MG ...... O-8' The "SB'JT" is also a bullshit abbreviation.

His orders say "currant" duty .... that's a berry ... should be "current." I have never known a Major General that would sign such a sloppy set of orders such as these. What's more, normally a MG does not sign the orders. They are signed by his Adjutant ... "For The Commander" would appear to the upper left of the signature block.

Then, look at the signature block.... since I joined the military in 1961, we have NEVER used a signature block like that!! Notice also that "Warfare" is written "War Fare" in the signature block.

The phrase "These Orders are Top Secret" is also Bullshit.... they would have simply been stamped "Top Secret," not "These Orders Are ....."

Maybe there is a law, where this scumbag currently lives, that can be used to punish fakes like him?
Randy Givens

Reversing the photo helps. However, the Korean badge above his right pocket should be centered ... everyone knows this. Also note the lack of Vietnam service medals/campaign medals, etc.
See my previous reply (above)
I have long wanted to see a Wall of Shame, and not just for Wannabe's ... idjits like Dr. Chu, the current DoD Personnel liar in chief, and those others who have screwed soldiers through the years should also be included.

Exposing the fake, the devil is in the paper size
From: rg2162@ev1.net

Robert, Another way of exposing the fraud .... get him to show you his "original" orders. I'll bet they are printed on 8.5" x 11.0" paper (standard letter size).

Problem is, the Army used 8" x 10.5" paper for years. I just measured a copy of orders, from Ft. Bragg, dated 1967, and they are on "Army Size" paper.

I think the story was that the smaller sized paper was supposed to be so that the paper couldn't be stolen and used by civilians --- there used to be a training film on the 'so many dollar pencil' (I forget the dollar amount cited). It was how soldiers thoughtlessly taking pencils home would drain the Army of precious training dollars, etc.

Anyway, the fake probably did not think to cut his paper down to "Army size."

Thanks again, for all you do.
Warm regards

From: James@J3services.com

I'm for the wannabe site. I've busted two people, one saying he was Delta (through SFA and a Delta contact I confirmed twice that he was not) and the second guy saying he was a SEAL (I contacted the guys at the SEAL locator and they said they were 100% certain he was not a SEAL).

- Jim


Personally, I have never seen orders cut this way. Also, is this guy a General? Yes, you are correct. His medals and name tag are on reversed sides. Never saw this guy. Al Doyle

From: johnr.fryer@verizon.net

Looks like Bullshit to Me.
John Sending to Lou Faistenhammer.Paul Payne and Charlie Norton for their preview

From: gemetzgar@juno.com

I have a good feeling that this is someone trying to pose as a distinguished combat veteran. Here is just a couple of things that jump out at me.

1. He says he graduated in 1952 and sent to Korea. Since he also states that he was born in 1935, this would make him either 16 or 17 years old. In 1953 he states he received a battlefield commission, so he was at best 18? Seems a little young for that doesn't he?

2. I am very suspicious of the fact he states that he received all of the following " 1 Bronze Star, 2 Silver stars, 1 Legion of Merit, 2 Purple Hearts" while still a second lieutenant? Do you know any 2LT who has done that much in the period of one year (he states he came back in 1953 and was promoted to 1LT).

3. In 1955 he goes to "Advanced Ranger Training in Guerrilla warfare". Since I wear a Ranger Tab myself, I have never heard of the "Advanced Ranger Training" course he mentions. Nor in any of my historical readings of the Ranger Department have I heard mention of an "Advanced Ranger Course."

4. Within the period of one year (1960 to 1961) he states that he applied for, was accepted, and conducted his SF training, then followed with an assignment to Saigon. This too does not seem to make sense for the expected timeline of training (SFQC, language training, etc.)

5. His timeline for promotions does not make sense either. As far as I know, there were no direct abilities to promote folks past their peers in the early 1960s. If he was a 1LT in 1953, but when he returns in 1963 he was an O-6 (Colonel). When did he work in the Advanced Course (Captain), Command and General Staff College (Major), and the War College (LTC)?

6. His orders that he shows look nothing like their official and the units mentioned I cannot cross reference with any of my historical documents which emulated from Bragg at that time. We all know that the 5th SFG was there, but I cannot find anything relating to the 5th SOG he mentions. As far as I am aware, the SOG was stood up in SEA and never had formal ties back to Fort Bragg, NC. The format does not look like the way I have seen other orders from that time period beginning. For example the "TOP SECRET" which is on the paper was not common in those days. I think like the issues with Bush during the last election and the "forged" performance reports, an expert on writing will tell you the font and other features were not common to the early 1960s.

Hope this helps. I think that until Mr. Burrows does some more explaining about his background, he should be treated as a "wanna-be."

Respectfully, Greg

In replying to WhyteEagle, Greg submitted the following:
 The statement you reference below is the one I wrote to Mr. Robert Noe when he asked about this through one of his recent e-mails.
  To answer your second question, there are some additional things I would add.
a.  When I went to the MACVSOG website and looked at the orders he submitted, I noticed that the date of the orders was "5 MAY 1963."  I then went to the following website ( http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/calendar/monthly.cfm?Year=1963&Month=5&Audience=SSEP) and it told me that for 1963, the date in question fell on a Sunday.  I know that Army folks work some long hours, but I think that most Personnel Actions Centers (PACs) are closed on Sundays, even those PACs 42 years ago.
b.  I have studied, written a few articles, and lectured about Special Forces, Unconventional Warfare, etc. since 1992.  I have also had the unique opportunity to serve with several "authentic" MACV-SOG veterans who have shared with me a number of sources to "verify" actual SOG and 5th SFG (Vietnam) actions.  Like I stated in my original e-mail, the "advanced training" that Mr. Burrows mentions does not cross reference with articles or actual names course of that timeframe.  For example; then BG William Yarborough mentions in an article published in the US Army pamphlet entitled "Special Warfare" (review of this document appeared in the July 1962 Army Information Digest) that their were unconventional warfare courses and acknowledges training in areas such Panama (Jungle School, etc.).  However, the name even in 1962 was the "US Army Special Warfare Center" and I can find no mention of the "US Army Special Forces and Training".  Anyone familiar with Army correspondence will tell you that the letterhead will ALWAYs have the proper heading for the command it comes from.  In addition, the "Special Warfare" publication I mention acknowledges three course as of 1962; 1. The Unconventional Warfare Course and 2.  the Counterinsurgency Course, followed by 3. The Psychological Operations Course.  Mr. Burrows should have been a graduate of one of those courses.
c.  On / or about the time that Mr. Burrows "orders" were written I am only aware of the following units at Fort Bragg, NC--1.  The Special Warfare Center, 2.  Two Special Forces Groups, the 5th and 7th (I think that the 3d and 6th were possibly starting to form too), and 3.  Two Psychological Warfare battalions, four psychological warfare separate companies, and 4. The Special Warfare Training Group (Special Warfare, pg. 66, 1962).  He states he was in Saigon, but acknowledges no SF unit.  Special Forces personnel going in and out were usually assigned to a "parent unit" such as the 5th or 7th SFG at Fort Bragg (Archer, "Green Berets in the Vanguard--Inside Special Forces, 1953-1963, pg. 114).  Ian Sutherland's "Special Forces of the United States Army 1952-1982" in the Index of Numbered Organizations only lists the 5th Special Forces Group. 
d.  Starting with the letter head and working down, here are the inconsistencies that I noticed:
        -  Official documents of those days (as well as today) normally start with "Department of the Army" followed by in this it should under the Dept of the Army read something like "Special Warfare Center" etc.
        -  There are abbreviations, i.e. FR: (From), DT: (Date), SB'JT (Subject).  All the correspond that I have seen from that era are normally like what I have seen for example on the Lang Vei After Action Review (22 February 1968);
        AVGB-SFC  (Office Symbol)        22 February 1968
        - In the paragraph, "currant" is misspelled; I have never seen the C.I.A in any orders.  I don't think that abbreviations have ever been used in "official" correspondence.
e.  Here is the kicker for me--in the signature block at the very bottom of the page, the signature is blacked out.  To the best of my knowledge Major General Yarorough was the commander during that time frame at Fort Bragg.  You can see some of the signature is showing and it appears that the last letter is either a "y", "g" or possibly a "z".  Why would MG Yarborough sign the last letter of his name below the line and assuming it is his signature, have the "g" appearing after the "h" rather than before?
I hope that this helps you to determine the authenticity of the claims.  From my experience and knowledge, it just does not add up with the claims being made in his bio and looking at the orders, time line for training, attaining rank, etc.  I would through the bull poop flag on this until Mr. Burrows shows something a little more consistent and "official".  Maybe if Mr. Burrows is lucky he could appear in "Stolen Valor--Book II". 


Ask yourself this question: Why would the signature of these orders be blacked out? Never seen that before and there is no reasons for this other than to ensure Burrows is provided another cover.--RLNFrom: cvnorton@erols.com

1 The photo is reversed - the ribbons are on the wrong side
2 This guy went from 2d Lt (53) to Col 06 in ten years - I doubt it.
3 "Advanced Ranger training in guerilla warfare". The Ranger Course is the Ranger Course - what shit is this?
4 Get his DD 214 - that will give you his record.
5 That set of orders is so obviously fabricated a village idiot can spot it. The heading is wrong - Bunny Knowles (the CG's secretary from Yarborough to probably 1996) would never have typed that! 5th Special Forces, 5th Special Operations Group (5th S.O.G.) This is an amateurish farce.
Charlie Norton "Fang"

From: azdonw@cox.net

Actually, the time frame is correct for the Mau Mau uprising, which was in Kenya (I don’t believe the Congo was mentioned). It would have been late in the insurrection, but within the time frame. Seems to me someone would know this guy.

Don Williams

From: larryklr@cox.net

Sherman's right. Call Rather and Mapes.

Also look at the photo--it's either a reversed negative or he's got his ribbons and ID on backwards. I believe it's the latter, as his buttons appear to be properly aligned (button on right, hole on left).

And there's no "Leopold" in South Africa; it's "Leopoldville" in the Congo. And no Americans were (could have been) involved in putting down a so-called National Liberation uprising.

The bio and letter are ridiculous. There are all sorts of misspellings, invalid terms, and improper abbreviations. What is this guy's IQ? He's got to have an empty bucket to think that any military man would believe this.

I'll bet this guy is drawing 100% disability for PTSD suffered in Leopold.

Even we Navy guys can see through this one!

Larry Bailey
USN (Ret.)

From: croc-6@cox.net

Looks bogus to me, however, I am truly not an expert in such matters.

Could the photo be reverse image, thus causing the ribbons to be on the wrong side (as well as the name tag)? I never saw a name tag with so much info, though illegible.

Also, the orders seem out of whack with all orders I have seen, and I used to be a special orders clerk and personnel sergeant briefly, including the year in question, 1963, but not at Fort Bragg, rather in Germany.

I smell a rat, but could be wrong. Have been before.


From: frankek@cableone.net

This JOKER is a want to be. I do not know what his game is, but would like to find out. I think that we should send all of his data to the FBI, you know the one to have him charged and sent on a vacation. With the decorations that he claims he is another Audie M. I think that someone with that many awards the press would have his story. I never knew the joker.

Kennemur sends

From: ccscurly@hot.rr.com

First of all never heard of an advanced Ranger training course in guerilla warfare. However, I believe that the Ranger Association has access to a list that shows every one whoever completed the Ranger Course and when. He claims he was reactivated in 1995. As he went out two years before as a first lt. he would have come back a 1st Lt. then to full bull in 8 years???? Further all classified documents are stamped top and bottom with the classification of the document. The army does not put a comment at the bottom of the signature block stating what the classification is. This guy is off his rocker if he thinks any of us are going to believe him. He is just another wannabee.


From: CCNCCC@mchsi.com

ANYONE, who had spent more then a couple years in the military, would realize that there are too many poorly created signature blocks and ID traces.......................

From: pmartin@adelphia.net


I'm not sure what I am reading here..I sent your mail to a Marine, PT Hughes and he returned this link, one of many he said. He has a dislike of these
people who run around with tin hats and Vietnam stories. I'll let my eyes rest and go over this one again, but if you hold a Wanabee contest, this guy Kimball will be up near the top it seems. Nah, Sherman is wrong to hand this guy over to 60 Minutes. More like Jerry Springer.
John Martin . SOA 345 GL


Robert, I don't think this (he) is for real. 1963 the 5th Gp was still at Bragg and we did not have a SOG, and most of the TDY teams out of Bragg came out of the 7th and the 1st in Oki. I have been on a few classified missions and I have never gotten orders that had top secret as that one.
Jack Sends

From: frankek@cableone.net

Taking a second look at the orders there is no Special Order number on them. This alone tells me that they are fakes
Kennemur sends

From: decaturvlp@earthlink.net



From: Crashmakool



From: DocMohler

Fake document. Done on a word processor. The typewriters back then could not do reduced size superscript.

David G. Mohler, M.D.
Refugee Relief International, Inc.

From: airzyk@juno.com

I wouldn't dignify this phony bastard by commenting on what I think of him.


From: PeteEstr

Another SICK PUPPY!!!

From: ccnsog@hotmail.com

I haven't had time to make a detailed review of the photo (which may be reversed), but I do have some questions on the orders. The abbreviations for
Subject, Major General are not accurate. Current (currant) is spelled incorrectly and there are several format discrepancies. I would also expect
a zip on the letterhead. These may be picky administrative stuff, but merit looking at.

I don't have the research capability and it was before my time, but I do not remember any discussion on a "5th S.O.G." ever being Fort Bragg before or
during the Vietnam War.

My thoughs,
David Gordon

From: uitlander@prodigy.net
To: SOG1RLNOE@aol.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I also noticed on the "Top Secret" orders there is a misspelling of the word current. In this "Top Secret" document the word is spelled currant...as in fruit or berry.
The "Top Secret" looks like the paper that can be purchased from a catalog store....
Looks suspect to me
Cheers to all,
Aye yours,
Ken Gaudet
SOA #964-AL





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